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Communication with Parents

We regularly communicate with parents. We pride ourselves on being a warm and welcoming community and place a high priority on active engagement with parents, and on excellent preparation for transition so our children feel part of the school community before they even arrive.

We communicate with parents in a wide variety of ways:

  • Comments in books
  • Our regularly updated website
  • Text messages
  • Letters home
  • Our high quality newsletters

  • Keeping your children safe online

    See the links below for information regarding online safety.

     Parents' Views 2013

    Our recent full survey of parents’ views showed that our parents regard good communication a Key strength of our school.

    Below is a summary of results from our 2013 Parent’s survey undertaken by Kirkland Rowell.

    552 Questionnaires were returned representing a response rate of 65.2%. The survey produced an excellent overall response from the parents, gave good performance scores for most of the academic subjects and the chosen performance criteria. The response meant that statistically reliable data could be drawn for all criteria.

    The Parents gave a good overall performance score (78%), while among the parents whose children were not in their first year at school 41% said the school had improved over the last year while only 4% thought that the school’s performance was worse. Of the parents of new pupils, only 6% felt that the school had not lived up to their expectations while 26% said the school was better than they expected it to be.

    The survey results reveal that the school has reason to be happy with most of its activities, particularly the number of criteria showing an improvement in scores.

    With regard to Academic subjects, parents are most happy with the delivery of Humanities, Business studies and French.

    The parents are least happy with the delivery of Citizenship, Design Technology and Geography (see action point 1 below).

    With regard to Non Academic areas, parents are most happy with the delivery of School facilities (see action point 2 below).


    1. We now have new teachers of Design Technology and Geography. (Results in Humanities have risen by 10% in 2013) Our Citizenship and PSHEE has been significantly improved in 2013. 
    2. The above comment refers to the Sports facilities. With the completion of the new Sports Hall in March 2014, this point will be remedied.