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Science and Arts

Science & Arts Overview

Science and Arts are not often seen as being comparable areas of study, yet each has contributed greatly to our lives and are therefore worthy of study. As the country’s first Science and Arts Specialist College our vision was to deliver a course to pupils in year seven that would WOW, inspire and help develop their Personal Capability skills.



Mr P. Kerr - BSc (Hons) Physics Assistant Headteacher & Director of Science College
Mr J. Holt - BA (Hons) Music Head of Brass
Mrs S. Davies - BA (Hons) Drama Teacher of Drama
Mrs M. McDonnell - BSc (Hons) Applied Chemistry Teacher of Science


What do we study?

Year 7

Pupils study modules on Civilisations, Earth Elements, Space, Time Travel and Recycling. Each module begins with an inspirational experience; this may be an educational visit, a visit from a practitioner or a series of activities designed to introduce the module and the task. By the end of the topic all pupils will have completed a specific task, using a GRASP technique to ensure success. Tasks include; making a board game, flying and decorating kites, making a musical instrument and composing a musical piece, producing a time capsule and writing and performing a play to compare alternative outcomes.

Comino and the Grasp Technique

All modules are taught using a GRASP (Getting Results And Solving Problems) approach as designed by the engineer, inventor, industrialist and founder of The Comino Foundation, Dimitri Comino OBE. This approach relies on pupils understanding the process of achievement by outlining all of the success criteria clearly at the outset.

Personal Capabilities Personal Capabilities are a set of generic life-work skills and characteristics that are considered influential in the social, academic and professional lives of individuals. They were researched and developed by Dr Lynne Bianchi at The Centre for Science Education, Sheffield Hallam University. Pupils use each of the tasks to demonstrate their progress towards each of the ten Personal Capability skills.
Science & Arts Day and Morning

The Science and Arts Day is an off timetable activity event where both pupils and teachers step outside of their comfort zone to work on a range of activities not normally delivered in school. Our most recent event offered twenty two different activities ranging from Magic to Nail Art, Murder Mystery to 3D Printing and Dance to The Queen’s Tea Party. A year five Science and Arts Morning forms part of our primary liaison activities.

Science & Arts Summer School

Each summer, pupils in year nine are invited to apply for the two day Science and Arts Summer School. Themes for this event have included The Science of; Flight, Football, Colour, Stage & Screen, Disease, The Circus, Food, Rockets and Rock Music.