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Student Leadership and Responsibility-Creating Tomorrow's Citizens

At The Derby High School we have always been committed to investing in the leaders of the future.  We are proud to be the face of modern British democratic society and are committed to developing tomorrow’s citizens.   To inspire and challenge our students we offer a wide range of opportunities from Year 7 to Year 11.   

We want our students to make a difference to the world in which they live. Everyone at The Derby High School is expected to abide by the 7RS. Through assemblies and regular discussion all students understand what it means in practice.

Older students are proud to take responsibility for younger ones.  Our training programmes help them to be effective buddies and mentors with students looking after new entrants from Year 8 onwards. 

Younger students have many other opportunities to take responsibility, for example, as library buddies and form captains.  

Our Senior Team of Head Boy and Head Girl and their Deputies provide excellent role models for our students as they demonstrate responsibility, supporting the ethos of our school and playing a vital part in our front of house events.  All Year 11 students have an active role to play as prefects and take their responsibilities seriously.  

The Leadership Spirit programme empowers our students, equipping them with a wide range of skills.  A real appreciation of the views of others is key to tolerance and respect.  They are challenged on a residential and develop self-belief and team work skills through problem solving, climbing, caving, Laser Quest and Nightline.  A four day residential at Manchester University is a key part of the programme.  Over the years, our senior student team have tended to be graduates from the Leadership Spirit Programme.  

Peer counselling ensures that our students receive the very best emotional care and guidance.

A vibrant school council ensures that issues that matter to pupils are regularly debated in an appropriate forum helping students to challenge ideas, negotiate and listen to the viewpoints of others.  Students then participate in wider decision making, for example, contributing to Bury’s Circles of Influence.  

We encourage students to make a difference to their community and beyond. The Derby High School had several students elected as members of the Youth Parliament over recent years. All learners are given the opportunity to vote for candidates in Bury during the elections. The experience they have of voting in the Youth Parliament elections develops their understanding of democracy and the values that accompany it, ensuring they mature into responsible citizens.

Charitable fundraising opportunities are pursued by many of our pupils who are always seeking ways to help those in need.   

The Student Enterprise team work on real briefs, for example, marketing Bury Football Club or taking up the Stock Market challenge. 

By being part of a small company students are able to develop business and financial awareness.   

Economic awareness is fostered in a wide range of ways. The Lionheart Challenge event, for example, sponsored by Greater Manchester Police engages pupils to develop an anti-bullying product allowing them to take a lead in eradicating bullying.  

Lifeskills day helps pupils to develop people skills, work skills and money skills.  

Science busking involved our student scientists going out into the community and promoting the wonders of science to the general public.  

We have worked hard to provide a unique programme of opportunities which provide our students with real challenge and insight helping them to play a useful and positive role in the world.